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When it comes to seeing orcas,

this is the only Splash Zone you should buy a ticket for.

Orcas are the ocean's top predator for a reason:

they are dynamic, intelligent, and social.

No concrete pool can give them the ecosystem they need to be happy.

Join us in connecting with professionals along the Western

Seaboard to tell the stories of captive whales, introduce sanctuary for affected mammals, and reintroduce the joys of experiencing 

orcas where they belong

Release. Rehabilitate. Reconnect.

Proper education surrounding this amazing

species is paramount to its rehabilitation.

Learn more from these trusted sources.

In Production...

- April 2024

Back in the Summer of 2022, we had no idea what Reinventing the Splash Zone would eventually blossom into. After 5 different filming locations and hundreds of hours of conversation, we have been working hard alongside professionals, mentors, and educators to tell the stories of the whales, hardworking people, and communities of the Western Seaboard. Of course, we have also been spending plenty of time on the water - as ecotourism employees, the whales come first! Some of the members of our small production team are lucky enough to call these coastal towns home, but the whale community is wide-ranging well beyond our physical capacities; we have connected with educated and passionate individuals worldwide! As we continue to finalize our film we welcome you to connect with us on social media, check out our production page, and see what our partners are up to. It is a great time of year to catch humpbacks, grey whales, orcas, and so many other marine species along the coast. 

Get out there, we can't wait to see you in the Splash Zone!

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